• Songs from the Coast

    a musical journey along Vancouver Island's wild West Coast

  • A World Apart

    glimpse the lives of fishermen and foresters

  • From the Ocean to the Mountains

    celebrate the Island's spectacular landscape

The Music of Bill Perry

Folk Songs from Vancouver Island

Green Wave Rising

Green Wave Rising

  1. Cedar Harbour (listen)
  2. Tree Planting Blues
  3. Farewell to Vancouver Island
  4. Whispers of Green
  5. Everlasting Rain
  6. Young Lion
  7. Where have All The Flower Children Gone
  8. Daughter of the Ocean (listen)
  9. Forests for Everyone
  10. Path with a Hearth
Coast Mountain Echoes

Coast Mountain Echoes

  1. My Younger Days (listen)
  2. Tirol
  3. Mountain Valerian
  4. North Appalachian
  5. Shadowblade
  6. Noel
  7. Too Long in the Valley
  8. The Wild Mackenzies (listen)
  9. Helambu
  10. Track Track
  11. The Last Blue Mountain